Plywood Squares-Thick

$6.62 - $45.83
2-3 business days for production
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These are the same plywood squares that we have been selling for years except in a thicker format.  We have the ability to produce these item in 1/2" (12mm) & 3/4" (18mm) in thickness.  Each one of these products is made when you order them, so they are always "in stock" and ready to be quickly produced for you.  Each wooden square is sold on an individual basis.

These thick wood square cutouts that we use is a high quality, cabinet grade Baltic Birch product. Baltic Birch is made with many plies of birch alternating in the grain direction throughout the entire sheet.  Baltic Birch plywood has been manufactured for over 100 years the same way.  The product is incredibly strong and durable as well as uniform through the entire sheet. 

We will be cutting this material with a CNC machine that uses a rotating bit to slice through the material.  The CNC machine is extremely precise, just like our lasers that we cut with to produce our thinner stock of materials.  The CNC machine does not leave the material with as clean of a cut edge as the laser.  We highly recommend a light sanding on the edge of the product for the best results.