Woodcrafter Wholesale Supplies

Only businesses with a valid federal tax ID number are qualified for wholesale accounts.  A large one time purchase of an item is not considered a wholesale purchase and will be subject to regular site pricing.  We value long-term relationships with our wholesale customers and consider value to be a quality product delivered timely.

We invest heavily in machinery, processes and education.  All of this investment is meant to make us work smarter, not harder.  We wish to pass this along to all of our customers.  There is a cost to doing business and hope that you see value in the products and services that we provide.  We never cut a corner to sacrifice quality.  We look for vendors that do the same, however, we cannot control our vendors and have no influence how their products are manufactured.  Please contact us to discuss any of our products that we offer.

If You Would Like To Setup A Wholesale Account:

If you have a business tax account number or you belong to a tax exempt organization Within The Continental United States follow the steps below.

Step 1: Click here and register your account.  Once we receive your tax information, we will go to your login and set your account to a wholesale account.. Please be sure that the contact (personal name) listed on the website is also written somewhere on the faxed information.

Step 2: Fax or E-Mail a copy of your Resale or Tax Exempt Certificate to Fax number 1-704-663-7097. E-Mail to CustomerCare@Woodcrafter.com. Include your personal name on the faxed or e-mailed sheet.

No "retail" discounts are available to use at any time with wholesale pricing.

If you have any questions about our wholesale wood craft supplies, please do not hesitate to call us  704-663-2895.