3D Wood Ornaments

In our shop, we have developed wooden ornaments to paint.  All of the 3D ornaments that we make are made in the USA by us.  Each wood Christmas ornament (some assembly required) and all it takes to put together is a drop of glue (we recommend hot glue for speed).  Each ornament is then ready to paint, decorate and embelish any way that you would like.
Each paintable wooden Christmas ornament will come with a light smoky look on the edges where the laser cut the product. This is easily painted over and does not affect the paint adhesion.  We have used regular craft paints from DecoArt as well as spray paint and both work well.
These 3D wood tree decorations come in in a variety of different shapes and sizes.  Look for new shapes as we continue to develop this product into a larger product line.
Instructions for the assembly of the 3D ornaments can be found here.