Detailed Wood Cutouts

Our detailed etched wood cutouts are the same cutouts that we have offered for years with lines added to the surface of the product. The detail that we add to the product can be used for ease of painting or you can just leave the surface as is and the piece will come to life. We originally started adding detail to our laser etched wood cutouts for some of the work that we do with summer camps making it easier for the children to paint and decorate.

The detail that we add is just to the surface of the product and does not go all the way through the product.  The light etching that we add to the surface of the product does not cause any issues or problems with painting.  Be aware however that even if you paint the surface, the lightly etched detail can still protrude through the surface.  It is not like a pencil line. 

We can add detail to any wood cutout that we sell and are never limited to any changes or enhancements that you need to make a custom wood shape just for you or your organization.  Contact us to work on any product that you would like to change to meet your requirements.