3D Wood Christmas Tree Ornament

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This is a wooden Christmas tree ornament that will arrive with 2 flat pieces.  You simply need to put the 2 "halves" together and make sure that the two bottom's of each piece are flush with each other.  Try to dry fit the pieces of the small wood tree first, then pull the pieces apart slightly and add a small amount of glue (we preferred hot glue for this process).This will insure that the hanger on the top of the ornament has enough clearance to put an ornament hanger in the support hole.
The small tree measures 2.6" x 4.2" tall.  The medium tree measures 3.9" x 6" tall.  The large tree measures 6.5" x 10.2" tall.
The 3D wooden Christmas Tree ornament will arrive to you ready to paint or decorate.  We used DecoArt paints as well as regular spray paint and they both worked well.  Once you have the items painted this wooden Christmas tree décor, you can use ribbon, beads, stick on embellishments, pipe cleaners and just about anything else that you can think of to decorate.