Plywood Squares

$0.75 - $23.12
Usually Ships in 1 or 2 Business Days

If you are looking for plywood squares in various sizes and thicknesses, we have them for you. We cut all of our own wooden squares with a laser for precision and have the ability to cut what you need exactly how you need it. Each wooden craft tile is cut from high quality Baltic Birch Plywood in either 1/8" or 1/4" thickness. We use plywood because of the dimensional stability, ease of painting or staining and overall strength.

When we cut these craft plywood squares with a laser, you will end up with a light smoky residue on the surface of the wood. To remove, you simply need to sand the product with a light duty sandpaper (we use 150 grit) or you can simply paint the wood with a high quality craft paint.  The plywood that we cut with is not rated for exterior use.  If you have any special needs, such as a 7.5" plywood square, please order the next size up and leave a note with your order of the special size that you need.  We can also make "frame" shapes, add holes to make ornaments and just about any other variation that you are looking for.  Contact us to discuss any questions you have regarding the process we use or what we can do for you.

We quickly make all of the square wood pieces when you order them, so they are always in stock! Proudly made in the USA!