Wood Letters in the Arial Font

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All of our laser cut wood letters are 100% American made.  We cut each of the letters that you receive in our shop when you order them.  Each wood letter cutout is manufactured from high quality Baltic Birch plywood.  The Arial font is our most popular wood letter.  The size chart is in the images.

Look here for Unfinished Arial Font Wooden Numbers

For all the wood letter cutouts that we sell, the dimension that you are looking at is the height of each letter, the width is variable with each letter and number.  Whether you're interested in ordering small or large wooden laser cut Arial letters, contact us and let us know if you have any special needs. We can do a different font or size or do something as simple as a hole put in each piece.

We laser cut all of our Arial block font letters and numbers when you order them, so they are always in stock in whatever quantity that you need. The laser cuts with light and will leave a light smoky residue on the surface of the product.  You can lightly sand the face of each letter or number or you can simply paint the product as soon as you receive it.  We recommend a high quality craft paint and primer for the best results.