Welcome Board Wood Letter Set with Guides

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Our Welcome Board Wood Letter Set is a craft-ready project kit that takes out the guesswork. Our letter sets are uniquely user-friendly. Spacers are used to perfectly align the letters horizontally and vertically.  They are designed to fit two popular sizes of common board found at local hardware stores and include laser-cut wood guides that help you find the perfect alignment with only two tools: painter’s tape and adhesive. Choose your board size and paint colors and start crafting!

The guides make alignment an easy task for several reasons. The guides interlock with the letters like puzzle pieces, with laser-cut notches that fit the very tops and bottoms of the letters and keep the letters centered on the board. Each guide also has two engravings that indicate the corresponding letter that locks into it, or if the guide lines up with the top or bottom edge of the board. When all pieces are correctly arranged then they will cover the entire length of the board from top to bottom.

To assemble your Welcome Board, we recommend taking these steps:

    1. Choose board size and paint colors
    2. Paint board and letters, allow to dry
    3. Use guides to position letters on board, then secure guides to board using painter’s tape
    4. Glue letters to board (if using the optional seasonal shapes, we suggest using a removable adhesive strip instead of glue for the “O”)
    5. Remove guides when glue has dried.

Your Welcome Board is finished!

We offer an optional 10-pack of seasonal shapes that may be used as alternates for the “O”. Shapes included: Snowflake, Heart, Shamrock, Easter Egg, Sun, Ship’s Wheel, Pumpkin, Ghost, Turkey, Christmas Ornament.  Please note, the guides are made to fit the letter "O" but not the seasonal shapes. 

The letter sets come in two sizes, two thicknesses and eleven fonts.


    • 36” (fits 36” x 8” common board)
    • 48” (fits 48” x 10” common board)


    • 1/8” Baltic Birch Plywood
    • 1/4” Baltic Birch Plywood


    • Arial
    • Century Gothic
    • Collegiate
    • Copperplate Gothic Bold
    • Curlz
    • FangSong
    • Goudy Heavy
    • Lavanderia
    • Round
    • Times New Roman Bold
    • Walt

These wood cutouts are designed to be easy to paint and decorate in your next art and craft project. The edges will be brown as a result of the laser cutting process and the top and bottom can have some smoke discoloration on the surface; however, the smoke will not affect paint adhesion and can easily be removed with a light sanding.

We do not cut any of our products until you order them so we can easily accommodate your request for adjustments or changes, such as custom font selection, size alterations, engravings or adding holes for hanging. Proudly made in the USA!