State Cutouts with "Home"

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We have taken our popular wood state cutouts and have added an additional separate layer that consists of the states border with the word "Home" welded to the border.  We made this project easy to paint the pieces separately and then glue them together when complete.  Great for someone who wants a quick and easy project that will not require "expert" painting talent. 

Here is what you are going to get.  The first piece is a solid cutout of the state that you choose.  Next, you are going to receive a boundary of the same state where we have attached the word "home" to that boundary.  We make this available in 1/8" or 1/4" thick Baltic Birch plywood.  If you order this in 1/8" thick material, your total thickness will be 1/4" thick when complete.  If you order this in 1/4" thickness, the total thickness will be 1/2" when complete. 

A size chart is located here. 

You have 2 choices to complete this project.  First, you can glue the pieces together when you get them and then paint the pieces.  Or, you can paint the pieces separately and then glue the pieces together to make your completed project.  For the people that developed this project, we found it much easier, faster, cleaner and to look better if you painted the pieces separately and then glued the pieces together. 

You don't need any special tools for this project, blue painters tape will hold the pieces together while the glue is drying and won't rip the paint off of the surface of your pieces as long as they have dried completely.  This project is so easy, you won't even need the kids help to do it! 

We make these to order when you order them, so as usual, we are here to help you complete your projects the way that you need them.  Please contact us to add a hole, change sizes or to talk about any other changes that you might want.