Pegasus Wood Cutout

$3.89 - $24.73
Usually Ships in 1-2 Business Days
We are expanding on our mythology wood cutouts and are now adding a Pegasus wood cutout.  Ready to fly, Pegasus is one of the most recognized mythological creatures.  If you need a wooden Pegasus cutout, we are ready to supply you with as many as you need.
Sizes available are 3.5" x 5", 5.5" x 8", 8.5" x 12" and 12.75" x 18".  Thicknesses available are 1/8" and 1/4".  Additional sizes and thicknesses are available on a custom basis.  Contact us for any customization needs.
We cut all of our wood cutouts and wooden shapes when you order them.  Always in stock and changes can be made quickly and easily to get you exactly what you need.  We cut Baltic Birch plywood, a high quality, strong and light colored wood.  The edges will be brown (the laser cuts with light) and the top and bottom can have some smoke discoloration on the surface. The shapes are designed to be painted but the smoke will not affect paint adhesion. 
Proudly Made in the USA!