MDF Numbers in the Times New Roman Font | Thick

$5.77 - $23.44
Usually Ships in 1-2 Business Days

Times New Roman font numbers are one of the most popular ones that we offer.  The classic details are easy to read and make for a fantastic looking craft project.

This is a 100% American Made product.  We make every wooden wall number that you order when you order them in our shop.  This is not something that we stock, so changes can easily be made for you and they are always guaranteed to be in stock.  Please contact us prior to ordering or include a note when you are checking out if you would like to make changes to the standard Times New Roman font numbers that we offer. 

Our thick wood numbers are cut on a CNC router.  There are differences when we cut on a laser and a CNC machine.  One of the major differences is that the CNC machine uses a cutter and the laser uses light to cut the wood.  Because these numbers are cut with a CNC machine, there are limitations to how it can cut.  An interior square corner is impossible because the bit is round so there will be a slightly round radius on any interior square corner.  The edges of the wood will need a light sanding to make them completely smooth. 

We cut our MDF wooden wall numbers here in our own shop.  We use a high quality MDF product that produces extremely flat surfaces.  MDF has no grain pattern to it and actually has a paper applied to the face of the product.  The edges of MDF are very porous, so sealing MDF is vital to obtain the best image.  A very light sanding in any direction will remove any fuzzy material remaining from the manufacturing of the product.  MDF does contain urea formaldehyde. You should do any sanding in a well-ventilated area or consider wearing a mask.  There are many methods to help obtain the perfect paint job using MDF.  We recommend doing a search and watching videos on how to finish MDF.