Detailed Ice Cream Cone Wood Cutout

$7.06 - $22.39
Usually Ships in 1-2 Business Days

We took our ice cream cone wood cutout and added some detail to the surface.  We originally made this wood ice cream craft for kids at a summer camp.  The added detail that we etched into the surface made an easier time to make a wood cutout that represented the child's favorite flavor.  The wood ice cream cone shapes make a quick and easy project for anyone.  The detail that we add to the surface of the wood cutout does not go all the way through the piece and only etches the surface lightly.

We make the detailed ice cream cone cutouts in either 1/8" or 1/4" thickness.  The wooden ice cream cone cutouts measures 3" x 4.75" and is sold in packages of 10, the medium measures 5" x 8", the large measures 7.5" x 12" and the jumbo measures 11.25" x 18".  All of the ice cream cones are sold individually except for the small sizes that are sold in a package of 10.  Each of these cutouts are designed to be easy to paint and decorate in your next art and craft project. 

We do not cut any of our products until you order them so we can easily make changes to the size, add holes for hanging or make any other changed or adjustments that you would like.  Proudly made in the USA!