Buck Wood Cutout

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The unpainted Buck wood cutout is a shape that we make in our production facilities using quality plywood and cut with a laser. 100% made in the USA! The unfinished Buck comes in 4 different sizes, a Small version measuring 3.5" x 3.5" (Package of 10), Medium 8" x 8" (Sold Individually), Large 12" x 12" (Sold Individually) and Jumbo 18" x 18" (Sold Individually), all cut from 1/8" and 1/4" Baltic Birch Plywood. W have many customers that use this buck cut out to decorate their homes.  A simple coat of paint or stain is all that is needed to bring this cutout to life.

The edges will be brown (the laser cuts with light) and the top and bottom can have some smoke discoloration on the surface. The buck shape is designed to be painted but the smoke will not affect paint adhesion. A light sanding will remove the discoloration if needed.

 We do not cut any of our products until you order them so we can easily make changes to the size, add holes for hanging or make any other changed or adjustments that you would like.  Proudly made in the USA!