State Cutouts

If you're looking for wood cutouts of states in the USA, we have them. Each United States cutout is made from 1/8" thick Baltic Birch plywood that we cut using a laser, allowing us to obtain the finest detail in each state. We cut our unfinished wood cutouts and U.S. state shapes when you order them, so they are always in stock! Need a different size or some other feature in your cutout?  Contact us and let us know what it is that you are looking for and we can take care of it for you.

Because we use a laser to cut all of our USA wood cutouts and shapes, the product will arrive smooth and splinter free. Using light to cut through wood will leave a light smoky residue on the surface of the state shape that can easily be painted over without any problems with the paint sticking to the wood. We use DecoArt paints and have never had any problems.  The residue on these wooden state cutouts can easily be sanded off with sandpaper to leave the wood in its natural state.

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