Rocking Horse Wood Ornament 4.75" x 3" / Package of 10

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The rocking horse wood ornament is a 100% made in the USA product. The standard size of this ornament is 4.75" x 3.5". These ornaments are all cut from 1/8 inch thick Baltic birch plywood. If you need this ornament in a different size, please email or call us for a quote. We cut these ornaments in house, so changes are easy and quick to make. The cuts are made with a laser which turns the edges and some surface areas brown.
We cut this design to mimic a rocking horse that we designed for a customer that sold baby products.  They used a miniature version of this piece to use a price tag in their shop.  Let us design whatever it is that you need.  Make yourself unique and stand out from the crown in unique and different ways.
Made in the USA!