Kitchen and Table Accessory Craft Supplies

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Kitchen and table accessories have been a staple in the wood craft industry forever.  The kitchen is a natural meeting place in a home and a great place to display your interests, make guests and relatives feel appreciated and display your craftiness.  We have a large and growing section of wooden kitchen supplies that you can decorate with a variety of techniques to show your own style and creative mind. 
Whether you are trying to decorate a wooden tray to carry food, wood burn a wood plate or add some wood kitchen table accessories, we have what you are looking for.  You can try many different techniques to decorate all of the items that we sell.  The most popular is probably painting the object to match or contrast the decor.  All of our paints are available for use on many of the items, but if the product you are purchasing will be in contact with water, try the DecoArt Patio Paints that are weather resistant and will wear better than any other paint available.  You can also choose to decoupage your product with many of the paper products that are available today.  You can use scrapbooking paper or even print paper on your own computer and the apply to the wood plate or trays with the easy to use, all in one decoupage adhesive and sealer available in our store.
For the adventurous, try wood burning a design into the plates or trays.  This process is easy to complete with the right tool which we have available.  Walnut Hollow has introduced a new wood burning tool that can be used for many different purposes and will have you successfully wood burning in no time.  Of course we can always laser engrave any design you would like in any of the wood craft products that we sell.