Fancy Wood Tags / Package of 10

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The fancy wooded name tag measures 3" x 2", comes in a package of 10 and is made from high quality Baltic Birch Plywood. Each tag has a hole in the end and is ready to be used for labeling packages or other wood craft projects.  Baltic Birch is a premium plywood and is easy to paint or stain.  We can also use the laser to engrave on the surface of the piece for name tags at a wedding or other social event.

Need a different size not shown here? Contact us and we can cut yours to any size that you need with our laser!  Because we cut with a laser, there will be a light smoky residue on the surface of the product.  This can easily be removed with a light sanding.  If you are going to paint any of our unfinished wood cutouts and shapes, as long as you use a high quality craft paint, you can paint right on the surface without any problems.


We proudly manufacture all of our unfinished engraved wood tags in the USA!