Birdfeeder Kit

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Here is a simple unfinished wood bird feeder kit that has all of the pieces that you need.  Assembly is required but with the easy to follow instructions, you should have no problem putting this together.

You will need the following supplies to put together this wooden bird feeder model correctly:  Hammer, scissors, acrylic paint, sandpaper, paint brush and wood glue.

Follow our woodworking hints to improve the end result.  

1.  Sand all pieces prior to assembly.  The pieces are flat and easy to handle.
2.  Paint the pieces prior to assembly.  This will insure that all pieces are coated and the product will last longer.  Use a high quality, outdoor acrylic craft paint.
3.  Use glue and nails for the best finished product.
4.  Follow assembly instructions and always try to dry fit the pieces together before you start to nail and glue.
5.  Use blue masking tape for a clamp while assembling the pieces together.  Make sure the paint is dry.
6.  Touch up the paint and decorate once the piece is assemled and the glue has dried.