Wood Snowflake #4 Ornament 3.75" x 4" / Package of 10

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The wood snowflake design #4 is a 100% made in the USA product. The size of this wood snowflake ornament is 3.75" x 4". These ornaments are all cut from 1/8 inch thick baltic birch plywood. If you need this ornament in a different size, please email or call us for a quote. We cut these ornaments in house, so changes are easy and quick to make. The cuts are made with a laser which turns the edges and some surface areas brown.  The brown smoke does not affect painting the ornament.

We recommend painting the snowflakes with a base coat of white spray paint from multiple directions.  After the paint has dried, you can top coat the flakes with the color of your choice.  Don't forget the DecoArt Glamour Dust Glitter Paint for an easy way to apply glitter and paint at the same time and keep the mess of glitter to a minimum.

This snowflake works great for children because of the larger areas of the snowflake, making it easier for childrens winter craft projects.