Wood Hand Mirrors--Set of 3

Hand Mirror
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The wooden hand mirrors come in 3 different styles, sold as a set and is perfect for all of the little girls that want to have a fun and creative wood craft project that they can complete themselves.  Let your child paint the wooden hand held mirror with any color of craft paint in order to personalize and decorate a craft project that they can call their own.  Plenty of wood surface that they can add stickers, letters, foam stick on embellishments or anything else that they can think of.  The set consists of a heart shaped, circular and oval shaped mirror.

These hand mirrors for craft projects measure 10 inches in height, 5.5 inches in width and is 3/8 inch thick.  The wood is Paulownia, a light weight wood that is perfect for painting and has a thin plywood back to hold the mirror in place.  The entire back of the product is flat with no cutouts, notches or fasteners.  The mirror is not removable.  Sold in sets only.