MDF Numbers

MDF is a wood product that is made by compressing wood particles with heat, pressure and an adhesive.  The result is a smooth surface wood product that has no grain or warping.  Our numbers are cut using tools that leave the edges of the MDF perfectly square to the surface.  Your results can be outstanding with this product because of the perfectly flat surface.  A light sanding on the edges of the product is all that you will need prior to decorating with paint, decoupage or vinyl.

We sell a variety of MDF numbers for your signs and craft projects.  We always cut your numbers when you order them so they are always in stock.  Buy exactly the wood number cutouts that you need in the sizes and fonts that you want for your art project.  If you do not see the exact font or size that you are looking for, please contact us to make any custom numbers that you need.  We also offer a sizing service.  Simply send us an email with the size of your space and what numbers you need to add to the space.  We will digitally draw up a diagram to make certain that your numbers will fit into the space provided.  We offer this service for free.  It will take less time and energy to get you the correct MDF numbers in the size and style you are looking for.

Our wood number cutouts are 100% American made in our shop.  For finish work details on MDF, we suggest doing a search for tole painting MDF, how to paint MDF or the best ways to finish MDF.  There are many ways to obtain fantastic results yourself and it will all depend on what tools you have available to you.  Finish success with MDF always depends on the preparation.