Turned Wood Finial 2.625" x 7/8" with a 1/2" tenon / Package of 10

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Wood finial that measure 2-7/16 in x 7/8 inches with a 1/2 inch tenon. The length of the finial is 2", with the addition of the tenon it is 2 -7/16".  The highest quality, smooth hardwood finials is all that we sell here at Woodcrafter.com. The perfect "capping" for dowels, boxes or any other craft application.  Look through our selection of other wooden finials for your next project.

Finials are the perfect finishing touch to many projects.  The tenon can easily be removed so that you can use the finial as a leg on a small wood chest or wood box, cap off a large dowel rod by cutting and drilling the finial or simply drilling a hole in a cabinet and gluing the finial in place.  We recommend staining or painting the finial prior to final placement in your wood craft project.