Signet Wood Monogram 2 Letter Design

$3.08 - $17.65
Usually Ships in 1-2 Business Days
Order a simple signet wood monogram from us and you will receive a top quality Baltic Birch Signet Monogram that is cut with a laser for smooth edges and precise details.  We custom make all of the wood monogram cutouts when you order them in our own shop.  We offer them up to sizes of 18" in height.  We can include a backer board for the signet in the exact size of the monogram.  There are so many variations that you can do for this wood craft project.  Try painting the letters different colors, add a contrasting color on a backer board or order 2 sets of initials and one backer board to make an ornament that is viewable from all sides.  You are only limited by your imagination!

When you order the monogram, write the letters in the order that you want them to appear in your cutout.  If you tell us to cut AB, the A will appear first and the B second. 

We cut all of our monograms using a laser which produces a highly focused light that cuts through the wood.  Because the piece is not cut using a saw blade, we can achieve extremely complex and fine detail that only a laser can produce.  The result is an extremely fine piece of art that will require you to handle the piece with care.  The laser will produce a light smoky residue on the surface of the wood.  If you are going to paint the monogram, we suggest using a high quality craft paint.  The smoky residue will not have any effect on the paint sticking to the wood.  If you are going to leave the piece natural or are thinking about staining the wood, a light hand sanding is recommended in order to remove the residue.  The letters are compressed into the frame and can appear different than what you expect.  If you would like to see your monogram prior to ordering, please contact us and we will send you a representative drawing.

We are proud to produce your custom signet wood monograms in our shop in the USA!  Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this product and what we can do for you.