Round Fraternity Greek Paddle & Letter Kit

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Our Round Paddle and Greek Letter kit is perfect for many fraternity events.  The paddle and the letters will arrive ready for you to start finishing by painting or staining.  Once complete, you can glue the items together and add additional embellishments to complete your project.  The wood paddle and wood greek letters are made from the same high quality material that is ready to finish when it arrives.


The paddles are made from 1/2" thick material to provide a perfect backer for the letters which will arrive in 1/8" thickness.  The letters are sized for you to reflect the large amount of variations that you can achieve by mounting them in different positions on the paddle.  Our sizing guides will help you determine what the best combination of letters will work best for your project.


We are excited to offer a large variety of fraternity and sorority combinations to make your Greek paddle come together to honor the bond that you will develop in your fraternity or sorority.  Look for additional wooden greek letters to add to your paddle in a variety of sizes and thicknesses.