Mexico Wood Cutout / Package of 10

Usually Ships in 1-2 Business Days
The wood country cutout of Mexico measures approximately 5.5" x 4" and is cut from 1/8" thick Baltic Birch plywood. We cut all of our own unfinished wood cutouts on site in our shop using a laser for exacting detail and a finish that is smooth and ready to paint.  The wood will have a light smoky residue that remains on the surface. If you are going to paint the wooden Mexico country shapes, you can paint over the residue with any high quality craft paint. If you want to leave the piece natural, a light sanding will be required to remove the residue.
Because we cut all of our products when you order them, we can easily make changes to the drawing that include changes in size, adding a hole to make the piece into a wood ornament or adding an engraving to the surface.  Contact us for details on making changes to the product or cutting just about anything that you can think of.