Family Tree Wood Cutout

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We start with a sheet of high quality, 1/8" thick Baltic Birch plywood and use our laser to cut out this unique wood family tree.  The wooden tree cut out is a great gift for weddings and anniversaries, have the guests sign a leaf with a paint pen and then assemble the finished product on mat board and have the unique wood craft project framed for the recipient.

When assembled as in the picture, the wooden family tree wood cutout is approximately 24" x 24".  We will include 3 different sizes of leaves for the guests to write on.  

The large leaf is approximately 3" x 1.5" and will contain at least 25 pieces.  The medium leaf measures approximately 2.5" x 1 1/8" with at least 40 in the package.  There will be at least 30 small leaves that measure 1.5" x .75". If you are ordering the hearts instead of leaves, the small hearts are approximately 1.25, the medium approximately 1.75 and the large approximately 2.25.  The quantity of hearts is the same as the leaves.   All of the parts will arrive to you with a light smoky residue that can easily be sanded off.  If you are going to paint the wood, you may paint over the residue when it arrives.  The pieces of the wooden tree cut out are all cut with a laser so there will not be any sharp or rough edges.  We recommend using a paint pen, not a marker, when writing on the family tree cutout to avoid the ink bleeding into the wood.

This piece is close to as large as we can make the product, so no customization of size can be done to make this piece larger.  We have the ability to make the piece smaller, but please realize that the leaves will become very small and the branches of the tree will become so thin that we do not recommend making the piece smaller.