Engineers Castle Wood Cutout / Package of 10

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We make all of our own wood cut outs and shapes in our production area when you order them.  Always in stock, made in the USA!  Contact us for any changes that you need to the cut out prior to ordering.  We can add holes to make the pieces into ornaments, change sizes or add an additional engraving.  Some processes will add an additional cost to manufacture.
The Engineers Castle is 4" wide x 3" in height and is cut from 1/8" thick Baltic Birch plywood.  All of our wood cutouts have a light smoky residue on them from cutting in the laser.  If you are painting the product, we recommend using a high quality craft paint so that you can paint directly over the surface.  A quality paint will not flake because of the residue and cover in one coat.  If you want to leave the product natural, you can easily sand the surface.
This wood shape was made for a group of engineers that used the pieces as name tags.  Be original at your next meeting, party or event.  We can make almost anything and have the ability to cut out and engrave many materials with our laser and color printer.