Eighth Note Musical Wood Cutout 3" x 2.5" / Package of 10

Usually Ships in 1-2 Business Days
The unpainted musical eighth note wood cutout is ready to be completed for any musical themed art and craft project. The eighth note wood cutout is made from quality plywood and can be used in a wide variety of wood craft project. The approximate size of the unpainted musical eighth note cutout is 3" high x 2.5" wide x 1/8" and is sold in a package of 10.
We cut all of our own wood cutouts and wooden shapes using a laser in our shop.  The laser is able to produce things in amazing detail, far better than a scroll saw or band saw.  The laser cuts with light so there are no rough cuts or edges that require sanding.  There will be a light smoky residue that will be on the surface of the piece due to the cutting process.  If you are going to be painting the music notes, you can use a high quality craft paint right over the surface of the cut out without any problems.  If you want to leave the piece natural, you can give the surface a light sanding to remove the residue.
Because we do not cut your pieces until you order them, we can make any changes to the piece that you would like.  We can add holes to make the wood shapes into wood ornaments or make the pieces larger or smaller.  The laser is also the machine that we use for engraving so we can also add an engraving to the surface if you are interested.  Please contact us for details regarding any of these processes.
Proudly made in the USA!