Curved Front Snap Fit Wood Box 4" x 5" x 3"H

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The snap fit wood box is designed, manufactured and assembled in our facility in the USA.  Each box is made to order and design changes are simple and fast, enabling us to make you the style of wood box that you need.  I guarantee you that you will want to pick up this box when you receive it!
The snap fit wood box is made to exacting detail and is a great example of quality craftsmanship.  The box is actually snapped together to ensure the proper fit and alignment, disassembled and then reassembled with wood glue to ensure that the box will remain together under the normal stress of use.  We do not use nails, screws or any other hardware in the manufacturing of this box.
Every person that sees our snap fit boxes immediately picks up the box and looks at how it is constructed, how the wood is able to bend around a curve and how the box stays together.  The design begs to be touched and will amaze you with the detail that it takes to design and manufacture the box.  We construct the snap fit boxes with 1/8" thick baltic birch plywood.  The plywood is used for durability, strength and design.  We have put over 200 pounds on some of our boxes and the box does not break.
This snap fit box measures 4" in length, 5" in depth (front to back) and 3" in height on the exterior.  Internal dimensions are 3.75" in width, 4.75" in depth (front to back) and 2 7/8" in height.  The rear of the box will lose some space because of the curve in the lid and the front of the box will lose some space because of the curved front, please remember this if you are designing a box for a specific product in mind.
For an additional cost, we can add a laser engraved logo, name, date or anything else that you can think of on this box.  Everyone is going to want to pick up this box when they see it.  Imagine how many people will look at your product if you image this box with your logo.  Please contact us regarding any questions you have about this box and let us design what you need, not what you have to settle for.