Chalkboards for Craft Projects

All of our craft chalkboards are synthetic, meaning that they do not use real slate.  The chalkboard look and feel is done with a chalkboard paint applied to a hardboard surface.  The surface acts like a real chalkboard or blackboard except that it is lighter and not prone to breakage.
Each of our unfinished chalkboards that are shown have full frames on the outside that are easy to paint or decorate.  The unfinished chalkboard surface is smooth and will accept chalk, paint or paint markers.  Only use paint if you want a permanent mark on the surface.
As an alternative, you can either use DecoArt chalkboard paint or DecoArt chalkboard coating.  The chalkboard paint will coat the surface of your product or craft project with the colored paint and leave a chalkboard feel, just like our craft chalkboards.  For a unique appearance, try the chalkboard coating, applied to your product after you have painted the surface your desired color.  The product goes on clear and leaves a chalkboard feel, but the color of your craft project remains the color that you painted it.