Medium Wood Boxes

We have a large selection of medium sized wooden boxes for your next wood craft project.  Each of the unfinished wooden boxes is ready for you to paint or decorate to match your needs.  Each of the wood boxes in this category have measurements between 4 and 8 inches.
We recommend using any of the DecoArt paints that we sell in order to make your project turn out the best that it can be. You might also try using decoupage sealer and adhesive if you would like to use a decorative paper, magazine or photo to finish your wood box. The medium wood boxes are extremely popular for a craft activity at a camp, birthday party or event. The medium sized boxes are a great compromise of storage capacity and cost.  These unfinished wooden craft boxes are wonderful for adding the personal touch to gift giving.
We also personalize many of the boxes for corporate use by using a laser to burn an image into the wood boxes.