Snap Fit Wood Boxes

Snap fit boxes are a fantastic new addition to our wood box line.  Each snap fit wood box is designed and produced by us here at our shop.  While we have many designs of this wood box that are ready to be made for your order, we can also custom make many of these boxes in many different sizes and configurations.  Each box is cut with exacting detail and are assembled in our warehouse using wood glue to hold the boxes together.  No hardware is needed to hold the boxes together because of the incredible precision of the cuts when the box is manufactured.  These boxes all have a living hinge, or a hinge that is built into the design of the box.
Each box is manufactured with 1/8" thick Baltic Birch plywood.  Baltic Birch plywood is incredibly strong and yet is flexible enough to allow us to bend the product around a curve to conform to the shape of the box.  The material is incredibly strong and will work with almost all light and medium duty applications.  The boxes can be painted, stained or simply left alone to show off the incredible detail of each box.  We can construct the boxes out of 1/4" thick material if needed to meet your specifications.
When staining these boxes, be sure to lightly sand the exterior joints to ensure that no wood glue will inhibit your stain from penetrating the wood.  Paint is easy to apply to the box but please remember that paint will inhibit the flexibility of the lid if it is applied too heavily.  Decoupage application is not recommended on any of the boxes that have a flexible lid.
Allow us to laser engrave a logo or name while we are making your living hinge box by simply calling or emailing when you place your order.   Engraving is additional and can be easily incorporated into your design.  For custom boxes, we are limited in the size of the boxes that we can build.