Square & Rectangular Paper Mache Boxes

Our square and rectangle paper mache boxes are the most popular paper mache box category that we sell.  The amazing ease of use, durability and cost effectiveness of paper mache boxes is unparalled in craft supplies.  If you have not used this product before, give it a try and see just exactly why people are always shocked when they see how the product can me manipulated.
For example, this is a paper mache box that has been decorated using decoupage.  Simple wrapping paper and decoupage glue and adhesive is all you need to make an amazing product like this.
Many of the smaller paper mache boxes can be used for displaying items in a boutique or holding a special gift item.  Be creative when you are working with this product, you are only limited to your imagination.  Try a new skill when working with this product and you will be surprised how quickly you can make turn out a fabulous new craft project.