Circular Paper Mache Boxes

The round paper mache boxes are one of the most popular categories that we sell.  All of our paper mache products, including the round craft boxes with lids, arrive to you ready to paint or decorate.  If you have never used paper mache storage boxes before, you will be surprised to see how sturdy they are and happy at how easy they are to work with.
The large round paper mache boxes are often used as a card box for weddings and showers.  Simply stack the boxes on top of each other, carefully cutting the lids of each box to provide a drop through, glue the boxes together, caulk the edges where the sides and lids come together and paint. 
The small and medium size boxes make wonderful storage containers for products.  Whether you need to declutter an area, or you are a store looking to display your products, you will be amazed at how quickly and easily you can make attractive packaging or a unique storage container with paper mache boxes.