Arrow Wood Sign

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The arrow sign is a sign that easily gets its point across and can be used nearly anywhere. Each of our wooden signs or plaques is made from plywood and available in a large variety of sizes and thicknesses along with different edge details.  This allows you to order the size, thickness and style that you need to make your project your own.  Each sign is designed to be painted and decorated and our wood surfaces will allow you to go to work on your project as soon as you receive it.

Four Sizes Available

  • 5 Inch Maximum Size
  • 8 Inch Maximum Size
  • 12 Inch Maximum Size
  • 18 Inch Maximum Size

Four Thicknesses Available (Some Combinations not Available)

  • 1/8 Inch Thickness
  • 1/4 Inch Thickness
  • 1/2 Inch Thickness
  • 3/4 Inch Thickness

Four Edge Profiles Available (Some Combinations not Available)

  • Square Edge
  • Round Over
  • Chamfer
  • Finger Nail

As always, we do not cut any of our products until you order it, so customizations are welcome and encouraged.  We can change sizes, shapes and add holes to any of our wood signs and plaques.  Each product that we make is proudly made by our expert wood workers in the USA!

Our 1/8 and 1/4 Inch thickness products are all cut on our lasers.  The laser will leave a light brown smoky residue on the surface of the wood sign.  You can easily paint directly on the surface with a high quality primer or paint with primer.  If you need to sand the piece, a light sanding is all that it takes to remove the residue off of the surface.  The edges of the plywood will be a dark brown color.

Our 1/2 and 3/4 Inch thickness material will be cut with a CNC or mechanical router that results in a smooth edge and perfectly cut wood shapes every time.  A light sanding on the edges will leave a superior result when you are painting or staining your craft project.